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We are Cyber Sécurité PME

In a hyper-connected world where cyberattackers seek to do harm 24/7 and businesses face unpredictable risks, we’re at your service.

Managed detection and response addresses the most significant cybersecurity challenges.


Bitdefender provides the most effective cybersecurity solutions, effective solutions that are certainly easy to use. Whether it is for small and medium-sized businesses or for mid-sized companies. With the goal of being the most trusted cybersecurity solution provider in the world.


We’re talking about advanced threat protection (ATP) solutions designed to protect enterprise endpoints from all forms of advanced and sophisticated threats. This is achieved by using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), also known as Endpoint Detection and Threat Response (EDTR), is basically an endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end users’ desktops to detect and respond to cyber threats from anywhere in the world.


Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution provides 24/7 monitoring of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help you detect, respond to, and recover from modern cyberattacks as quickly as possible so you can continue operations.

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Did You Know?

The costs of cyber attacks for Canadian SMEs

More than 11 attacks per day (more than 4,000 in total by 2020)

*BDC – PCAN Essentials of Digital Adoption | Workshop on securing your business.

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