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Cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant


cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant

Did You Know?

37% of Canadian SMEs have suffered a data breach

The estimated cost is $120,000 (20% could not identify the actual cost)

*BDC – PCAN Essentials of Digital Adoption | Workshop on securing your business.


Bitdefender is a leader in cybersecurity to provide proven threat prevention, detection and response solutions around the world.

itdefender provides the most effective cybersecurity solutions, solutions that are powerful and certainly easy to use. Whether it’s for small and medium-sized businesses or mid-sized companies. With the goal of being the world’s most trusted cybersecurity solutions provider, Bitdefender offers to defend businesses and individuals around the world against all forms of cyberattacks in order to support and certainly improve the digital experience of its users.

In addition, it is important to know that Bitdefender is consistently awarded and recognized worldwide as a leader in cybersecurity by independent testing organizations and IT industry analysis firms.

Bitfender offers you an award-winning threat prevention, detection and response platform and managed security services.

In a hyper-connected world where cyber attackers seek to do harm 24/7 and businesses face unpredictable risks, Bitdefender is built for resilience.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Unified endpoint security and analytics – across endpoints and hybrid workloads with easy administration.
  • Unmatched attack prevention – machine learning technologies and models to identify and stop more attacks.
  • Most responsible experts – 24/7 security operations with predefined response plans.
  • Integrated advanced threat intelligence: Frontline threat research in collaboration with law enforcement and academia.
  • Improved return on investment: Security complexity is eliminated to reduce risk at a lower total cost.


ATP solutions require certain core capabilities to achieve their threat prevention and risk reduction goals, including:

Real-time visibility into your systems:

This in order to prevent a threat in real time instead of responding after the fact, you need in-depth, real-time visibility into the events that occur on a protected endpoint. This visibility allows an ATP solution to quickly detect the signs of a potential cyber attack and apprehend it before it even begins.

Contextual awareness:

Many security teams are bombarded with an array of security alerts created by a variety of security solutions and ongoing attacks. Advanced threat protection requires context so that security teams are aware of the real threats to the business and are able to respond in a timely manner.

Understanding the data:

ATP solutions are designed to manage the risk of advanced attacks targeting data in an organization’s possession. Countering attacks requires the ability to understand the sensitivity and value of data so that the tool can identify and respond effectively to intruders targeting it.

Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and certainly more targeted, relying on extensive reconnaissance and advanced techniques. ATP solutions must have the same visibility and intelligence to prevent these attacks before they happen.

Our key Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) features

TP solutions are designed to identify and protect against attacks from highly sophisticated actors who specialize in stealth attacks using zero-day exploits and unique malware. To effectively identify and protect against these threats, your ATP solution must have certain features, including:

File scanning:

Malware poses a significant threat to all endpoints in an organization, especially as cybercriminals increasingly target mobile devices in their attacks. Enhanced endpoint security requires the ability to automatically scan all files entering a device (regardless of origin and delivery mechanism) and determine if they contain malicious functionality before being allowed to run on the endpoint.

Attack Surface Management:

The modern enterprise has a massive attack surface, providing an attacker with many opportunities to exploit its endpoints. ATP solutions use a variety of approaches to manage an enterprise’s attack surface, including sandboxed file scanning and execution, application control, and more.

Combined prevention and detection:

While the primary goal of ATP solutions is to prevent attacks before they occur, some attacks can bypass an organization’s defenses and be executed. To address these risks, ATP solutions enhance their prevention capabilities by supporting rapid threat detection and response.

Rich threat intelligence:

Cyber threats evolve rapidly, and access to the right information can mean the difference between preventing a new threat and letting it slip through the cracks. ATP solutions need access to robust cyber threat intelligence that provides them with up-to-date information on the latest cyberattack campaigns.

ATP solutions are designed to be prevention-focused, blocking threats before they are executed rather than trying to clean up security incidents after they occur. This minimizes the risk and damage an attacker can cause to an organization and its systems.

We are talking about advanced threat protection (ATP) solutions designed to protect enterprise endpoints from all forms of advanced and sophisticated threats. They do this by using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). By focusing on preventing threats rather than detecting and responding to them, our ATP tools minimize the risk and potential impact of advanced attacks on endpoints in an organization like yours.

Cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), also known as Endpoint Detection and Threat Response (EDTR), is basically an endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end users’ desktops to detect and respond to cyber threats such as ransomware and malware.

EDR is defined as a solution that “records and stores behavior at endpoint systems, uses various data analysis techniques to detect suspicious system behavior, provides contextual information, blocks malicious activity, and provides remediation to restore affected systems.”

How does an EDR system work?

Our EDR security solutions account for and record activities and events that occur across all workloads and certainly endpoints, providing security teams with the visibility they need to uncover incidents that would otherwise remain invisible. Know that an EDR solution must provide continuous and complete visibility into what is happening on endpoints in real time.

An EDR tool should provide advanced threat detection, investigation and response capabilities – including incident data search and triage of investigative alerts, suspicious activity validation, threat hunting, and malicious activity detection and containment.

Key features of our EDR solution

Automatic detection of even the most discrete attackers

EDR technology combines full visibility of all endpoints with IOA and applies behavioral analysis that analyzes billions of events in real time to automatically detect traces of suspicious behavior.

Understanding individual events as part of a larger sequence allows EDR to apply high security logic. If a sequence of events matches a known IOA, the EDR tool will identify the activity as malicious and automatically send a detection alert. Users can also write their own custom searches, going back up to 90 days.

Managed threat hunting for proactive defense

With EDR, threat hunters work proactively to research, investigate and advise on threat activity in your environment. When a threat is discovered, we work with your team to triage, investigate and remediate the incident before it becomes a full-blown breach.

Real-time visibility and history

The EDR solution acts as a digital recorder at the endpoint, logging relevant activity to detect incidents that have escaped prevention. As a customer, you get complete visibility into everything that happens on the endpoints from a security perspective, as our monitoring tracks hundreds of different security-related events, such as process creation, driver loading, registry changes, disk access, memory access or network connections.

Accelerate investigations

Endpoint detection and response is able to accelerate the speed of investigation and ultimately remediation because the information gathered from your endpoints is stored in the cloud, with a situational model-based architecture.

The model keeps track of all relationships and contacts between each endpoint event using a massive and powerful graphical database, which provides detail and context quickly and at scale, for both historical and real-time data. This enables security teams to quickly investigate incidents.

This speed and level of visibility, coupled with integrated and contextualized intelligence, provides the information needed to gain a deep understanding of the data. This enables security teams to effectively track even the most sophisticated attacks and quickly discover, sort, validate and prioritize incidents, leading to faster and more accurate remediation.

Cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant
Cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant


Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, provides 24/7 monitoring of your networks, endpoints and cloud environments to help you detect, respond to and recover from modern cyber attacks.

Develop greater insight into your security posture with broad visibility, 24×7 monitoring and advanced threat detection.

Ensure threats are contained before they do damage with managed investigation and guided response.

Learn from incidents and ensure they don’t happen again by implementing custom rules and workflows to strengthen your security posture against future attacks.

Managed detection and response addresses the most significant cybersecurity challenges.

Evolving threats
Today’s IT and security teams struggle to detect modern threats, which can cause irreparable damage to their business.

Increasing costs
Setting up a full security operations center (SOC) to protect an organization is a costly endeavor that is not feasible for many organizations.

Talent shortage
Finding, training and retaining experienced security professionals has become a major obstacle for organizations of all sizes.

Expand your capabilities, improve your resiliency
Expand your team with digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) experts and a team of seasoned threat analysts who monitor your environment day and night, from day one.

Be more confident and secure
Stop threats earlier and faster with a combination of XDR technology, internal and external threat intelligence, forensic analysis tools, and threat hunting that leaves attackers nowhere to hide.

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What you get with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services

  • 24x7x365 continuous monitoring
  • Powered by InsightIDR XDR technology
  • Full access to technology
  • Collaboration with a dedicated security consultant
  • Monthly threat research
Cybersecurity tools visual | Riopel Consultant